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Cantonese Opera Troupes in Singapore 1
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The Chinese Theatre Circle

CTC's Website - click here


The CTC was established in 1981 with the aim of promoting Chinese opera. It became a non-profit professional Chinese Opera company in 1995. It was awarded the Excellence for Singapore Award in 1997 for its efforts in promoting Chinese opera here and abroad.

The CTC is the most active among all the opera groups in Singapore. Besides performing opera excerpts at various venues throughout the year, conducting its arts education programme in schools and running its own opera teahouse, it also puts up full-length opera performances. It also performs overseas regularly.

The CTC also organises the annual Singapore cantonese opera festival inviting troupes from

China and artistes from Europe, Australia, Hong Kong and Malaysia to participate.


In 2002 it participated in the Shanghai International Arts Festival with

a presentation of  cantonese opera 'Wu Ze Tian'.


Main activities in 2003:

In January it was invited to perform at the Fuoshan International Cantonese Opera Gala

to commemorate the opening of the Fuoshan Cantonese Opera Museum. 


Full-length opera Zhao Zi Long with Aw Kai Meng from China taking the leading role.

Aw gave a striking performance as the fearless general.


Chinese opera in English dialogue: Tragedy of an Emperor (second repeat performance).

Although it was performed the third time, it did not get better. I felt that the

first performance was the most satisfactory.


Kong Chow Wui Kun Cantonese Opera Troupe


The KC troupe is one of the oldest opera troupes in Singapore. It celebrated its 160th anniversary in 2000. It puts up performances occasionally at community centres, usually during festive occasions and during its anniversary celebrations.

Main activities in 2003:

163th Anniversary Celebrations: A Night of Cantonese opera excerpts.


Tung On Wui Kun Cantonese Opera Troupe


The Tung On Opera Troupe is long-established. Its performances are infrequent, usually at community clubs. In 1999 it performed two full-length operas; one was the well-known 'Emperor Kong Sui & Zhen Fei'.
It participated in the Cantonese Opera Festival in Guangzhou in November 2000.

Main activities in 2002:

Cantonese Opera Extravaganza: Full-length opera 'The Jade Butterfly' with Leong Yew On

from China taking the lead male role and A Night of Opera Songs.