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The Kreta Ayer Community Club Cantonese Opera Troupe


This is a well-established all-female troupe. Its members are an enthusiastic lot. They meet regularly at the community centre. The troupe usually performs at its own community centre. Its manager, Chan Mei Yin, is also its lead 'male' performer. She is a very good singer.

Choy Brothers' Cantonese Opera Troupe

click here for Choy Brothers' Website


This opera troupe was set up in 1989 by Choy Yien Chow, a well-known martial arts and opera instructor. Since then it has been participating in the annual River Hongbao Chinese New Year Celebrations and other Chinese cultural events. It also performs frequently at major hotels. At times it has been invited to perform in China.

Yimin Cantonese Opera Troupe


This opera troupe was formed by
Tham Fung Meng in 1998.
It is stationed at Leng Kee Community Club.